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We believe the name says it all. was created by a teacher to make the news accessible to kids. We carefully choose high interest stories appropriate to the audience, and present them in a way that is easy to understand.

News is necessarily complicated and messy. There’s a lot to know. We strive to make each article as self-contained as possible, giving the necessary background and not assuming that the reader already has certain knowledge. This is a daunting task. Where it is not possible to give all the necessary information within the article itself, we try to provide easily accessible resources to fill in the gaps.

We work hard to use simple language when telling the stories. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. It’s easy for advanced readers to read “down”, but not for struggling readers to read “up”.

We understand that there are side effects to simplifying the language and adding background information. We strive for strong, clear writing, but sometimes rephrasing difficult concepts comes at a cost. We’re also not the best resource for teaching kids about inverted pyramid structure or how to write a great lead.

But we think we offer something important that’s hard to find: Interesting stories told in an accessible manner. Real news, told simply.


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Most news on is appropriate for all ages. When there is news that may not be suitable for all ages, we try to tag it. You can use the setting below to control whether content tagged in this manner is shown.