Press "Enter" to skip to content Will Stop Publishing New Articles has been on the internet for nearly six years now. It’s been a great adventure and a great learning experience for us. We hope it has been for you, too.

Unfortunately, we have reached the end of the road for our news service. After December, will stop publishing new articles. The site will remain available, but there are currently no plans to add new content.

We love the website, and believe strongly in the service it provides. But the effort required to keep it going is no longer sustainable.

Thanks to all of our readers around the world. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that kids (and readers of all ages!) are checking out our articles from points scattered far and wide across the globe.

As always, a special “Thank You!” to those of you who have backed the site in one way or another, and helped to spread the word. We’ve truly appreciated your support.

(Image source: Ana Arantes, via Pexels.)


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