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On the Road Again

USA and Poland —

Truck problems around the world have left some very strange items on roads recently. From cash to coins to chocolate, it’s been a busy time.

Indianapolis, Indiana

On May 2, the door of an armored truck flew open near Indianapolis. Armored trucks are used to move things that are valuable, usually to a bank or from a bank. The door to the truck came open as it went down the highway. Over $600,000 in paper money spilled out onto the road.

A Brink's armored truck.
A Brink’s armored truck.
(Source: Tdorante10, from Wikimedia Commons.)

Other drivers on the highway stopped when they saw the money. Many drivers ran around trying to collect as much money as they could. Soon the police blocked the highway. They warned people that taking the money was the same as stealing it. They have asked everyone who took money to return it. So far, no one has said how much money is missing.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Glendale, Arizona

On May 8, near Glendale, Arizona, more money spilled out of a truck. This time it was coins. A truck was carrying over $800,000 in dimes for the US Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is the part of the US government that creates paper money and coins.

US dime (10 cent coin).
US dime (10 cent coin). 8 million of these spilled out onto the highway.
(Source: lordnikon, from Wikimedia Commons.)

The truck hit a guardrail and flipped onto its side. The side of the truck tore open, and the 8 million dimes fell out onto the highway and the side of the road. The police closed down the road so that the dimes could be collected.

Glendale, Nevada

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Slupca, Poland

The strangest truck crash happened on Wednesday in Poland. A truck, which was carrying melted chocolate, turned over. The truck spilled out thousands and thousands of pounds of melted chocolate onto the road. The chocolate poured over all the lanes of the highway in both directions.

A truck in Poland spilled 12 tons of melted chocolate onto a highway.
Someone in Poland put this picture on the Internet.

At first, other cars tried to drive through the melted chocolate. This spread the chocolate for more than a mile in either direction. Later, the police and the fire department blocked the road off.

Soon the drippy wet chocolate began to harden. In some places it was almost 2 inches (5 centimeters) thick. Rescue workers tried to scrape some of the chocolate away with a bulldozer. Later they started trying to melt away the chocolate by spraying hot water on it.

Workers tried to clean the chocolate up with a bulldozer.
Someone in Poland put this video on the Internet.

“Removing the chocolate will take a couple of hours,” said one person from the fire department. “The chocolate congeals [hardens] on the pavement, and it’s worse than snow.”

Slupca, Poland

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