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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

New York, New York —(Map)

In late June, a wedding dress fashion contest was held in New York City. What made the contest special is that all the dresses were made out of toilet paper.

Some of the toilet paper dress creators with their models.
The top ten winners were chosen from the 1,500 people who entered the contest.
Here are some of the creators with their models.
Ronaldo Cruz (third from left) won the contest this year.

Weddings usually cost a lot of money. Cheap-Chic Weddings is a website that shows people how to save money on weddings. In 2005, the people who run the website started the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. The contest may sound like a joke, but it has now been going for 14 years and it has gotten more and more serious.

The people who enter the contest try to make a dress that looks like it could be worn in a real wedding. But to make the dresses, they can only use toilet paper, glue, tape, and thread. By mixing the toilet paper with glue and water, the dress creators can make things that seem very different from plain toilet paper. Each year, the dresses in the contest have gotten more fancy and looked more like real dresses.

Woman in the toilet paper wedding dress that won 2nd place.
This dress by Augusto Manzanares came in second.
The dresses were judged in five areas, including beauty, creativity, and how well the dresses are made.

This year, 1,500 people entered the contest. The six judges chose the best ten dresses to compete for the top prizes in New York. The creators of the top ten dresses came to New York to show off their work. Some brought models to wear the dresses.

The dresses are judged in five different areas, including beauty, creativity, and how well the dresses are made. Susan Bain, one of the people who started the contest, said that judging the contest “gets more difficult each year.”

Woman wearing toilet paper dress.
It is hard to tell just by looking that the dresses are made of toilet paper.

The final show was held at Kleinfeld Bridal, a famous wedding dress store in New York. Some people said that just by looking at the dresses, it was hard to tell the difference between the toilet paper wedding dresses and the real wedding dresses that the store sells.

This year’s big winner was Ronaldo Cruz. Mr. Cruz had entered the contest before, but this time he won the $10,000 Grand Prize. Mr. Cruz said that he had to work night after night on his dress. He said that it would take him about an hour and a half to finish just one small square of it.

Woman in Ronaldo Cruz's toilet paper wedding dress.
Ronaldo Cruz’s dress earned the Grand Prize this year. Mr. Cruz won $10,000.

Ms. Bain says that the top ten dresses are so good that it is usually only tiny differences that keep some dresses from winning.

This year, the group added a new part to the contest. They invited students from a high school that teaches fashion to enter a smaller contest. Their job was to try to use toilet paper to make things that could go with a wedding dress. Ammy Sanchez of New York won with a fancy hat.

Ammy Sanchez poses with her fancy hat.
Ammy Sanchez’s fancy hat won a special contest this year for high school students.

Some of the people who have won the wedding dress contest in the past really do make clothes for a living. But often the winners have had other jobs. For example, the contest has been won by a cheerleader, a flower seller, a mechanic, a lawyer, and an actress.

In the 14 years of the contest, so far, only one of the toilet paper wedding dresses has actually been used in a wedding.


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