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Starting Back Up

The good news is that will continue to operate. But for the time being, we will only be publishing three new articles a week. These will normally come out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We are currently in the process of restructuring, with the aim of making it more sustainable in the long run. We will still be covering current events, but will be focusing more on high-interest articles less tethered to the daily news cycle.

One of the biggest changes will take place behind the scenes. Starting in 2023, NFK will be testing the use of a Large Language Model (LLM) to help collate information and create early drafts of some articles. LLMs are often referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI) for generative text.

One of the great drawbacks of LLMs is their tendency to include false information in their outputs. That’s why NFK will only be using an LLM at the earliest stages of article creation. Published articles will have undergone thorough rewriting, fact-checking, and editing.

As always, our goal is to make our stories accurate and informative while providing the interesting and understandable content our readers are looking for.

(Image source: Braden Collum, via Unsplash.)


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