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Teenagers Running for Kansas Governor

Kansas City, Kansas —(Map)

The next governor of Kansas might be too young to vote. In Kansas a person has to be 18 to vote, but there are no age limits to run for governor. This year there are six teenagers, aged 16 and 17 running for governor of Kansas.

The teenagers have different reasons for running. Some are Republicans  , one is a Democrat  , and some are from other political parties  . Some of the teens say they want to represent young voters.

Four of the teens running for governor in Kansas this year.
Four of the teens running for governor in Kansas this year.
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The teenagers will be running against older people who have been in politics longer. For example, the current Kansas Governor, Jeff Colyer, will be running for re-election. Most of the teens don’t expect to win, but they hope to share their ideas and get more people interested in politics.

Some politicians don’t like the idea of very young people becoming governor. Kansas Representative Blake Carpenter has started a bill   that would require a person to be at least 18 years old to be governor. But even if Mr. Carpenter’s bill becomes a law, it would happen too late to have an effect in this election.


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