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Plane Crashes in Iran

Mount Dena, Iran —(Map)

On Sunday, an airplane crashed into a mountain in Iran. Aseman Airlines, the airline that owned the plane, thinks that all 65 people who were on the plane died. The families of the people who were on the plane are waiting to find out for sure. But because the plane crashed high up in snowy mountains, it is hard to search the crash area.

The plane was flying from Teheran to Yasuj. It was close to Yasuj, when it crashed into Mount Dena in the Zagros mountains. No one knows why the plane crashed, but they do know that there are strong winds and lots of snow on the mountain.

The plane that crashed was an Aseman Airlines ATR-72, similar to this plane.
The plane that crashed was an Aseman Airlines ATR-72, similar to this plane.
(Source: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt, via Wikimedia Commons.)

The plane was 25 years old. Until a few months ago the plane had not flown for seven years. Late last year Aseman Airlines said that it would fix the airplane so that it could fly again.

Many of the planes used in Iran are old. It is hard to buy new parts for planes in that country. One reason for this is because other countries have put sanctions on Iran. This means they would not sell things to Iran because they did not agree with some things that Iran did.


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