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2018 Year in Review: Wacky Science Stories

To recap 2018, is taking a look back at some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered this year.
Today we’re looking at some wacky stories from the world of science.

Soldier Grows New Ear In Her Arm

Cartilage in the shape of an ear is shown growing in a patient's forearm.
A soldier in the US Army lost an ear in a car crash two years ago. Now she has gotten a brand new, real ear. It grew inside her arm.

Scientists Move Memories Between Snails

Aplysia californica
Scientists in California say they have moved memories between two sea snails. The experiment gives new ideas about how memories are saved.

Bees Have Zero Idea

Honey bees have many skills even though their brains are small.
Scientists in Australia have shown that bees seem to understand the idea of zero. Up until now only a few animals with larger brains have shown this skill.

Ladybugs Don’t Like Rock and Roll

When the ladybugs heard loud music or even loud city sounds, they didn't eat much.
Scientists have learned that ladybugs don’t like loud rock music or city noises. That’s good for farmers to know, since ladybugs eat smaller insects that feed on plants farmers grow.

Scientist Sealed in Cube Leaves Early

Mr. Baute smiling outside his cube after ending his activity.
Last Tuesday, a scientist sealed himself in a large plastic cube with about 200 plants. He planned to stay inside three days, but the cube’s dangerous air made him leave after 15 hours.



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