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2018 Year in Review: Strange News Stories

To recap 2018, is taking a look back at some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered this year.
Today we’re looking at some of the strangest stories from 2018.

Rotting Fruit Clears Library

Durians have a strong smell, but some people like the way they taste.
Over 500 people had to leave a library in Australia because of a possible gas leak. The problem turned out to be a stinky piece of rotting fruit.

Special Funerals for Robot Dogs

The funerals were held at the Buddhist temple Kofukuji in Japan.
A temple in Japan recently held a funeral for 114 dogs. The temple was asked to do this by a company that fixes toys. Why? The dogs are robots.

Iceberg Threatens Greenland Village

Ukkusissat - another small village not far from Innaarsuit.
People are scared that pieces might break off of a huge iceberg stuck in the sea near a village in Greenland. If that happened, huge waves could destroy the village.

Woman Drives Off Cliff and Lives

Highway 1 runs along cliffs above the ocean near Big Sur, California.
Angela Hernandez was very lucky. When her car fell off a cliff into the ocean, Ms. Hernandez didn’t die. But she was trapped for a week before she was saved.

Baseball Players Share a Name – and Looks

Image depicting two baseball players drawn with the name Brady Feigl.
You might expect that there would only be one tall minor league baseball pitcher with red hair and a red beard named Brady Feigl. If you did, you’d be wrong.

MIT Lets the Internet Control a Person

A woman in a red coat and dark glasses wearing a chest-mounted camera.
On October 31, Halloween night, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began an unusual experiment. They let the “Internet” control the actions of a real person.



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