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2020 Year in Review: Kids Did It!

To recap 2020, is taking a look back at some of the most interesting stories we covered last year. Today we’re looking at a few of the incredible things kids accomplished in 2020.

Robotics Team Sets Toilet Paper Pyramid Record

Members of the BlitzCreek 3770 Robotics team stand in front of the toilet paper pyramid.
Students at Bullock Creek High School in Midland, Michigan found an unusual way to raise money for their robotics team – they used 27,434 rolls of toilet paper to build the world’s largest toilet paper pyramid.

Student Names NASA’s New Mars Rover

Lori Glaze, director of NASA's Planetary Science Division, looks on as Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, congratulates Alexander Mather on March 5, 2020, during a celebration at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia.
When NASA sends its new rover blasting off to Mars in July, it will carry the name “Perseverance”. The name was suggested by Virginia middle-school student Alexander Mather, who won NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest.

Greta Thunberg to Give €1 Million Prize Away

Greta Thunberg seen behind a blue-tinted bubble.
Greta Thunberg, who started a worldwide movement to encourage action on the climate crisis, has been given the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, valued at €1 million ($1.14 million). Ms. Thunberg says she plans to donate the money.

Space News: Mars Missions & Teens Discover Asteroid

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket with NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover onboard launches from Space Launch Complex 41, Thursday, July 30, 2020, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
July has been a busy month in space and an especially busy month for missions to Mars. Here’s a look at the recent launches by NASA and China, as well as the story of two teenage girls from India who discovered an asteroid.

Israeli Teens Uncover 1,100-Year-Old Gold Coins

Abbasid dinar. The coin above is from Egypt and dates from around 862 A.D.
Two teens helping out on an archeological dig in Israel wound up striking gold – literally. The teenagers revealed a clay pot holding hundreds of gold coins over 1,100 years old.

Students Find Hidden Writing On Old Book Page

Hidden writing revealed on an old page covered with calligraphy and decorations.
A group of second-year college students have discovered hidden writing on a page from a book from the 1500s. The students found the hidden writing using a special camera system they built.

Time Names Gitanjali Rao First ‘Kid of the Year’

Time Magazine has announced that 15-year-old scientist Gitanjali Rao is its Kid of the Year for 2020.
Last Thursday, Time magazine announced that 15-year-old scientist Gitanjali Rao was its Kid of the Year for 2020. Gitanjali was chosen from over 5,000 young leaders for her scientific work and for inspiring others to also create change.



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