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2019 Year in Review: Climate Crisis

To recap 2019, is taking a look back at some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered this year.
Today we’re looking at stories showing how the climate crisis  is affecting our world.

Warmer Oceans, Melting Ice, Rising Sea Levels

Streams and rivers that form on top of the Greenland ice sheet during spring and summer are the main agent transporting melt runoff from the ice sheet to the ocean.
Rising temperatures are warming the oceans and causing huge amounts of ice to melt faster than expected. Unless something changes, this melting will happen even faster in the future, causing large rises in sea level.

Dangerous Drop in Insect Numbers Worldwide

Pesticide application for chemical control of nematodes in a sunflower planted field. Karaisalı, Adana - Turkey.
Scientists are reporting that the world’s insects are dying out eight times faster than most other animals. They warn that the loss of these insects will cause big problems for all life on earth.

India Struggles With a Water Emergency

Bright multi-coloured water pots lined up to be filled at the street tap. These bright plastic jugs are ubiquitous in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.
Hundreds of millions of people in India are facing a water shortage. The city of Chennai has a water emergency, and the situation is bad in many other parts of the country.

US Toilet Paper Use Threatens Old Forests

Clearwater River valley near Fort McMurray 2010
Two groups that work to protect the environment are warning that American use of thick bathroom tissue is doing a lot of damage to the largest untouched forests in the world.

Ocean Heat Waves – Like Undersea Wildfires

Global Heat Content (0-2000 meters) layer
When heat waves on land cause wildfires, people see them and notice them. But scientists are warning that heat waves in the oceans may be causing as much or more damage.

Indonesian Fires Cause Problems in Southeast Asia

After several relatively quiet fire seasons in Indonesia, an abundance of blazes in Kalimantan (part of Borneo) and Sumatra in September 2019 has blanketed the region in a pall of thick, noxious smoke. Caption by Adam Voiland.
Hundreds of fires have been burning in Indonesia, clearing rainforests and other areas, and creating clouds of smoke that are affecting not only Indonesia, but Malaysia and Singapore as well.

Europe Hit By Second Summer Heat Wave

An extreme heatwave has hit Europe once again this week, following extreme weather in June. High temperatures are expected to peak today, reaching as high as 39—40°C, with Netherlands, Belgium and Germany recording their highest ever temperatures. Paris reached a sweltering 41°C, breaking its previous record in 1947.
A massive heat wave swept across Europe last week, breaking historical records. The heat wave has now moved north, cooling off much of Europe, but bringing unusual heat and melting to northern areas.

Rainforest Being Lost Quickly Under Bolsonaro

Ibama e Polícia Federal combatem grupo criminoso responsável por extrair e comercializar ilegalmente madeira da Reserva Biológica do Gurupi e das Terras Indígenas Caru e Alto Turiaçu, no Maranhão.
Huge amounts of Brazil’s unique rainforest are being destroyed quickly under the country’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro. Since he became president in January, more forest is being cut down and less is being done about it.

Climate Crisis: Pollution Is Going Up, Not Down

Ulaanbaatar coal power plant #3
Four years ago, the countries of the world promised to cut pollution in order to fight climate change. Now the United Nations (UN) is warning that instead of going down, global pollution levels are going up.



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