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A Cabinet is a group of people who give advice or make decisions in a government. They are usually not elected, but are chosen by a president or a prime minister.


In a monarchy, a king or queen is the leader of the country. Most monarchs today do not have much power, but there are some "absolute" monarchies, where the leaders can make the laws.


A referendum is a special kind of voting, in which voters are asked to make or change a law by voting yes or no on an idea.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a United States government group that works to protect public health. They control food safety, tobacco, medicine, and cosmetics (makeup).

Republican Party

The Republican Party is one of two large political parties in the United States. Members of the Republican Party are known as Republicans.

Democratic Party

The US Democratic Party is one of two large political parties in the United States. Members of the Democratic Party are known as Democrats.

Political Parties

A political party is a group of voters who want the same things and work together to make those things happen. Examples of political parties in the US include the Democrats and Republicans.

United States Senate

The United States Senate is part of the US Congress, which makes the laws of the USA. Every state gets to elect two senators to represent them in the Senate.


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