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2022 Year in Review: Kids Did It!

To recap 2022, is taking a look back at some of the most interesting stories we’ve covered this year.
Today we’re looking at just a few of the incredible things kids accomplished in 2022.

Seven-Year-Old Presents Petition to Scottish Parliament

A screenshot showing part of Callum Isted's petition to the Scottish Parliament. The petition's goal is to 'Provide every primary school child in Scotland with a reusable water bottle.'
When Callum Isted saw plastic water bottles being thrown away at his school, he raised money to buy all the students reusable bottles. And he didn’t stop there. Last week, he became the youngest person to bring a petition before Scotland’s Parliament.

Positive Messages from Kids Make Hotline a Hit

Two cards announcing and giving details on the PepToc Hotline, saying 'Call Today! 707-998-8410'
Students at an elementary school in California, with the help of their art teacher, created a telephone hotline that people can call to get cheerful advice from kids during difficult times. In just days, the hotline began getting thousands of calls an hour.

Teen Wins Spelling Bee in Exciting Tie-Breaker

Harini Logan holding her winner's cup from the Scripps National Spelling Bee
Fourteen-year-old Harini Logan won the Scripps National Spelling Bee last Thursday, defeating 12-year-old Vikram Raju in a tie-breaker. It’s the first time the contest has ever been decided by a tie-breaking round of spelling.

Hilde Lysiak: Young Reporter Tells Her Own Story

Hilde Lysiak, with an image of her book cover superimposed.
When she was just 9 years old, Hilde Lysiak became famous across the United States for reporting on difficult news stories. Now Hilde has written a book telling her own story, and sharing some of the challenges she faced.

17-Year-Old Is Youngest to Fly Around the World

Mack Rutherford, standing in front of his microlight aircraft holds up certificates for his two Guinness World Records.
On August 24, 17-year-old Mack Rutherford landed his microlight airplane safely back in Bulgaria, completing a five-month effort to fly around the world. He has now set the record as the youngest person to fly around the world alone.

10-Year-Old Drummer Earns Certificate from Berklee

Seba Stephens with his professional certificate from Berklee College of Music.
Seba Stephens is only 10 years old, but he’s a very talented musician. He plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano. Recently, he earned a professional certificate in music through a program at the famous Berklee College of Music.



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