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A Cabinet is a group of people who give advice or make decisions in a government. They are usually not elected, but are chosen by a president or a prime minister.

Climate Change

Climate change means the way the world's weather has changed over a long period of time. Global warming (hotter air temperatures around the world) is one example of climate change.


In a monarchy, a king or queen is the leader of the country. Most monarchs today do not have much power, but there are some "absolute" monarchies, where the leaders can make the laws.


Bacteria are simple, tiny living things which can usually only be seen with a microscope. They live almost everywhere, even in places that are hard to survive. Humans bodies hold trillions of bacteria that help us live.

Chemical Weapons

A chemical weapon is a special kind of weapon, like a bomb, that hurts or kills people by using chemicals. Instead of hurting people with their force, chemical weapons poison people.


Diplomats are people sent by the government of one country to live in another country. Diplomats act for and represent their own country while they live in the foreign country.

Fake News

Fake News means "news" stories that are supposed to be real, but are really not true. Fake news stories have become more common as more people depend on the Internet for news.


Emojis are a special way to include a small picture mixed in with words. They are used often when people send texts or write messages on social media.


Brexit is a word made up to describe the "British Exit" from the European Union (EU). In a vote on June 23, 2016, more than half of the people of the United Kingdom chose to leave the EU.

Social Media

Social media usually means a website or an app where users can share their ideas, pictures, and videos with other users of the same service.


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